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Options Exchange

Every company’s Trading strategy should include Automation for todays demanding markets. TSD employs the most advanced Trading System tools on the market today. This coupled with our expert understanding of Programming Design, makes us your number one choice for System Design services.

“I crammed Black-Scholes formula into a hand-held calculator giving me one
  Option price in thirteen seconds. It was pretty crude, but in the land of the
  blind, I was the guy with one eye.”

-Joe Ritchie

Options Strategies


TSD believes that a strategy does not make the Trader. It is important for us to understand that the System must fit the Trader's personality and that not all Trading Systems will suit each Trader's individual needs. We have designed several Options Systems for GLD – SPDR Gold Trust, SLV – iShares Silver Trust, SPY – S&P Dep Receipts, TLT – iShs 20+ Yr Treasury Bd, and USO – United States Oil Fund.

Regrettably, TSD do not offer Options Strategies for Lease or Purchase because we have found that it is difficult to match a Trader’s personality and trading style to Off-the-Shelf type Options Strategies packages. The complexity of Options Strategies can be overwhelming and daunting. For this reason, TSD offers a consultancy service which allows us to tailor Options Strategies to our customers’ requirements and individual trading styles.

Please visit our Consulting Services page for more information regarding our Options Consultancy Services or alternatively complete the TSD Info Pack Form and specify the request Options information sections.

Contact Us today and see why TSD is your best choice for Trading System Design services.


To request more information regarding our Strategies, Services or Pricing please complete the TSD Info Pack Form and a member of our dedicated Trading System Design team will contact you.

Trading is not a product,
it's a process

TSD has the expertise and tools to help organizations build a platform for growth to meet the challenge of a new frontier. Why not let us at Trading System Design help tailor a solution for you from one of our dedicated design teams.