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Exchange-Traded Funds

Every company’s Trading strategy should include Automation for todays demanding markets. TSD employs the most advanced Trading System tools on the market today. This coupled with our expert understanding of Programming Design, makes us your number one choice for System Design services.

“Stock market bubbles don't grow out of thin air. They have a solid basis in
  reality, but reality as distorted by a misconception. ”

-George Soros

Trading System Design Approach


TSD believes that a strategy does not make the Trader. It is important for us at TSD to understand that the System must fit the Trader's personality and that not all Trading Systems will suit each Trader's individual character. For this reason we offer a Selection of 3 Different Strategies of your choice bundled together for the first month when you purchase one of our Leased Suites from our Solutions page.


TSD only provide optimization and tuning instructions for 6 different ETF instruments including IWM, RMS, SSG, PHX, DNH, and PFA. We can provide Research on each of these Strategies upon request. We can also provide optimization and tuning for other ETF instruments upon special request.


We have a comprehensive pricing plan to suit everybody’s requirements. To view our System Suites and Strategies Price Guide please visit our Solutions page.


All Systems are currently designed for and ready to go on the Tradestation Platform and can be configured for full automation so Strategy execution can be left unattended.


ETF Strategies

Volume & Momentum Strategies
Sicilian Defense

Excellent for 60 minute day or daily swing trading. Tested on QQQ, EEM, IWM, SPY, RMS, SSG, PHX, DNH, AND PFA. This System is designed with the current market conditions in mind. This system can be set up in Full Automation mode on the Trade Station Platform.


Trend Systems
Double King Pawn Opening

This flagship Strategy is as strategic as they come and has been tested on all available historical data. This is a strategy that takes random entries with fixed percent position-sizing, trailing stops and end-of-day exits. Excellent results on BND, DIA, EEM, GLD, HYG, IWM, OIH, SPY, TBT, TLT, VXX, LQD, and many more. You can tailor the percent risk per position to trade in a more conservative or aggressive manner. Special request can be made for this System to be used on the MultiChart platform.

Mating Attack

Mating Attack is a very complex and state-of-the-art trading system. It has the design of a smart recognition strategy based on a day of the week pattern. Special request can be made for this System to be used on the MultiChart platform.

Haast's Eagle

This is an extremely versatile System! Designed as an intra-day ForEX Strategy but it can also trade other major index markets as well as gold and oil. This System can be set up in Full Automation mode on the Trade Station Platform or Multi Charts.


Marubozu Systems
トレンドファインダー (Torendofaindā)

Once again, the Marubozo Suite of Japanese Technical Analysis Strategies is closest to our heart. Trend Finder (Torendofaindā) is in our more aggressive line of Strategies and was developed for both day trading and swing trading. Structured to take advantage of significant candlestick turning points and coupled with short term and long term trending patterns. It can be tuned to work on many different underlying assets.


Contact Us today and see why TSD is your best choice for Trading System Design services.




To request more information regarding our Strategies, Services or Pricing please complete the TSD Info Pack Form and a member of our dedicated Trading System Design team will contact you.

Trading is not a product,
it's a process

TSD has the expertise and tools to help organizations build a platform for growth to meet the challenge of a new frontier. Why not let us at Trading System Design help tailor a solution for you from one of our dedicated design teams.