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Consulting Services & Support

TSD provides the highest level of support and customer service available. Network and Computer performance is strongly correlated to business performance. Unstable, unsecured, and slow data systems cost companies money, while fast and reliable systems make companies money. The best way to ensure network health is through a Network Assessment.

“I do not fear computers. I fear lack of them.”

-Isaac Asimov

TSD Support & Services


Strategy Optimization & Tuning
Optimize & Tune Regularly

Strategies cannot and will not work effectively if they are not Optimized and Tuned regularly to stay current with today's markets. TSD offers monthly Optimization and Tuning services so you don't have to worry about anything and are included in the Managed Lease packages which can be viewed on the Solutions page. However, you can hire one of our dedicated Consultants to teach you the art of Optimization and Tuning so that you can be on the cheaper Pro-Trader packages.

Strategy Risk & Position Management
Risk Management

Minimize your Strategy Risks with our Risk Management Systems. We offer Automated Strategies to get you out of the Trade on your Terms & Conditions. Included with the Risk Management package is a TSD Pro-Trader Strategy Trade Plan Template that will get you started on your own Strategies Trading Plan.

Position Management

Maximize your Strategy Potential with our Position Management Systems. We offer Automated Strategies to Add-On or Take-Away from your position size.

Network & PC Security Assessment
Network Assessment

Network Assessments are an excellent way to evaluate a network’s production value and to identify ways of improving its business usefulness, while lowering total cost of ownership. Technology is a tool to improve business productivity.
The degree to which a company can benefit from technology is determined by the reliability and effectiveness of their data infrastructure. A poorly designed and maintained network environment can have detrimental effects on production, while a highly reliable and well-designed network can significantly enhance a company’s ability to compete.

Arm your internal, trusted networks against intrusions with an in-depth TSD review of your network security controls and recommendations for improvement.

PC Assessment

The Trader's PC is their most valued asset. The PC can Make or Break the Trader and the Systems they Trade with. Trading Strategies are complex and demand more reliability from the PC and the infrastructure to the Internet. TSD can assess your current situation and help determine the best possible solution for your Trading needs no matter how big or small your situation dictates.

Security Assessment

Is your PC Secure? Is your connection to the Internet Secure? If your answer is "I don't know" or there is any uncertainty at all about your security, you should let TSD help determine your security requirements. We can help you secure your Trading Platform giving you peace of mind and get on with Trading. Protect yourself against security vulnerabilities with a variety of scanning capabilities provided by TSD

Wireless Assessment

Assess the information risks introduced by a wireless business infrastructure and learn how to manage those risks effectively. Protect yourself against wireless security vulnerabilities with a variety of scanning capabilities provided by TSD

PC Computers & Bundles for the Professional Traders
PC Computer Packages

TSD has evaluated many different PC Computer vendors and has selected different packages for all levels of Traders. We understand that the beginner Trader has very different requirements than that of the Professional Trader. Let us help you decide and build your ultimate PC Trading package.

Wireless Network Packages

Let us Help. TSD has evaluated many different wireless options, again for all levels of Traders and different individual requirements. We can help you make an informed decision and provide you with the best kit for your wireless networking needs.

Antivirus & Firewall Software

TSD offers several different Anti-Virus and PC Firewall software packages. Enjoy complete, managed antivirus protection including perimeter defence, vendor product updates, and URL filtering. Let us help you decide what protection best suits your needs

Network & Security Hardware

Whether you are a sole Trader working from a home office or a large enterprise Trading company, your network infrastructure needs to be protected. TSD has the means to secure your network physically with dedicated network & security appliances.

Firewall & Hardware Management

TSD understand that Network and Security equipment can be difficult to manage. Outsource your firewall management to TSD and avoid routine problems while ensuring or even enhancing security with Real-Time Monitoring. TSD provides detailed monitoring and reporting with all our Network and Security Hardware packages.

In-House & Remote Consultation Options
On-Site Consultancy

For those demanding situations where a site visit is required, TSD can provide you on-site services to get your business back on its feet or to provide instruction and/or training.

Remotely Administered Support

TSD has available remote access control software that allows us to safely and securely administer your PC remotely without any compromise to your systems security or infrastructure.


To request more information regarding our Strategies, Services or Pricing please complete the TSD Info Pack Form and a member of our dedicated Trading System Design team will contact you.

Trading is not a product,
it's a process

TSD has the expertise and tools to help organizations build a platform for growth to meet the challenge of a new frontier. Why not let us at Trading System Design help tailor a solution for you from one of our dedicated design teams.